Friday, February 6, 2009

Legislative Days 14 and 15

Yesterday the Governor's so-called "tort reform" package made it into the Hopper. The press releases sent by GTLA are in the posts below.

Today, the bills were read for the first time and assigned to committee. Both pieces went to the Senate Special Judiciary Committee. The author, Senator Bill Cowsert and co-signer Senator Judson Hill are both on the committee. The Chairman of the Senate Special Judiciary Committee, Senator John Wiles, also signed the bill.

It wasn't until later today that the Governor released his press release regarding these bills. He still argues that these bills would be good for business.

Michigan, the only state to pass a bill like SB 101, did not reap business rewards. Not only did their bill fail to bring new business into the state, Michigan actually lost business and jobs.

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