Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Crossover Day Doings

Bills that crossed over include:

The Insurance Delivery Enactment Act of 2009, HB 321, passed the House with bipartisan support on Thursday with 171 members voting for the bill. This bill amends the Georgia Code by changing the definitions of group accident, sickness insurance, and true association. Also, the bill reduces the number of people required for an association from 25 to 10 people. This bill now requires that spouses be included under a policy issued to a legal entity providing a multiple employer welfare arrangement. Other changes relate to the amount of insurance under the policy and makes changes in the required number of years in existence from 5 to 3 years.
ouse Bills 481 and 482, the Jobs, Opportunity, and Business Success (JOBS) Act of 2009. HB 481 provides tax credits to employers for each unemployed person hired, suspends business “start-up” fees for one year, and eliminates the state sales tax deposit. HB 482 will eliminate the state ad valorem tax on business inventory through a statewide referendum. This legislation will allow small businesses to create, expand and attract jobs for Georgians.

-House Bill 400, the Building Resourceful Individuals to Develop Georgia’s Economy (BRIDGE) Bill. This legislation ensures that all students will have a personalized graduation plan as well as the opportunity for dual enrollment. The bill also seeks to increase student interest by creating programs that combine real world experience with increased academic rigor.

-HB 261 creates a six month window during which anyone purchasing one single-family residence will receive a tax credit of up to $3,600.

-HB 480 removes all ad valorem and sales taxes from automobiles purchased in Georgia after December 31, 2009. Instead, these vehicles will be subject to a one-time seven percent title fee based upon the value of the automobile being purchased, with a maximum fee of $2,000.

Bills with an * are essentially dead until next year after Thursday's internal deadline, unless they are tacked onto another similar bill:

House Bill 39 *

Cigarette tax increase of $1 per pack

HB 67 *

Sales tax on food

HB 118

The midyear adjustment to the current year's budget, including providing for the $428 million Homeowners Tax Relief Grants to local government

Status: Signed by governor

HB 119

Fiscal-year 2010 budget, including Gov. Sonny Perdue's recommendation for a 1.6 percent tax on hospitals, 10 percent spending cuts and a $1.2 billion stimulus package

Status: House Appropriations Committee

HB 160

Perdue's "super speeder" bill to boost fines $200 for drivers exceeding 85 mph on Interstate highways and 75 on other roads

Status: Passed the House, awaiting committee assignment in the Senate

HB 233

Caps local property-tax assessments for two years at the current level or lower

Status: Conference committee

HB 277

House bill to levy a 1 percent sales tax statewide for specified transportation projects over 10 years

Status: Passed House, Senate Finance Committee

HB 605 *

House version of bill to transfer state transportation construction from the Department of Transportation to the new State Transportation Authority

House Resolution 1 *

Capping local assessments on property at 3 percent for residential, 4 percent commercial

Status: Won a majority in the House, but is awaiting a second House vote to see if it gains the two-thirds majority needed as a constitutional amendment

Senate Bill 16 *

Permit local voters to approve the sale of packaged alcohol on Sundays

SB 17

Reports legislators who fail to file income-tax returns

Status: Passed Senate, awaiting committee assignment in House

SB 31

Allowing the Georgia Power Co. to charge customers the financing costs of nuclear plants before they begin operation

Status: Awaiting governor's signature

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