Monday, January 12, 2009

Day 1 of the Legislative Session

The first day of the legislative session was relatively brief in duration and decidedly uneventful. The Democrats in the House, having decided against putting up their own candidate for Speaker, joined the Republicans and declared Glenn Richardson the Speaker of the House by acclamation. Facing a significant budget short-fall, the Democrats joined the Republicans to show their commitment to putting the welfare of Georgians over partisan politics.

The halls were abuzz with the formal announcement by Secretary of State Karen Handel's bid for the Governor's mansion in 2010. The Political Insider reports today that past State Senator, Brian Kemp of Athens will make a bid for the vacated Secretary of State seat.

For information on various bills and legislators, please visit the Georgia General Assembly online HERE.

NOTE: Every day that the General Assembly is in session, GTLA will post on this blog. In addition to covering all the Capitol happenings related to the Civil Justice System, GTLA will blog about general business under the Gold Dome.

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