Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Day 3 of the Legislative Session

The Senate and the House were in for just a short while before the Governor delivered his "State of the State" address this morning. Interestingly, Governor Perdue made no mention of the so-called "tort-reform" measures that he touted at yesterday's Eggs and Issues breakfast.

The talk in the halls indicate the bills will be dropped by the 6th day of session. GTLA has continued to discuss these issues with legislators and the press. Today's editorial in the AJC by Maureen Downey, "Drugmaker immunity is a poison pill,"does an incredible job of illustrating the dangers of giving blanket immunity to pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers. Her arguments against such proposed legislation are accurate and compelling.

Tomorrow several committees will hold meetings. While these are mostly for organizational purposes, we should be able to find out who on is on what subcommittee. And we should know the Speaker's decision about who will sit on what committee.

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