Wednesday, October 31, 2007

What could be scarier this Halloween?

Tonight on Anderson Cooper 360° prepare to hear a chilling story of lies and deceit as two everyday Americans are haunted by undercover agents in their own church.

Progressive Insurance willingly accepted the premiums that Bill and Leandra Pitts paid them each month for UM Insurance. After a car crash in Henry County that left the Pitts with injuries and damages not covered by the at-fault driver, they turned to their UM coverage to pay for what was left—the coverage that they had dutifully paid for every month.

Progressive Insurance, in an attempt to save a buck, hired two undercover private investigators to follow the Pitts in their community and to their church where the two agents posed as prospective members. Taking the deceit to incredible lengths, the two agents talked their way into a private Bible-study held in a private home and were privy to intimate and personal disclosures of the church members. Progressive hoped that they would discover something that would free them from covering the damages. But they didn’t.

The Pitts, after hiring GTLA member Wayne Grant, have filed suit against Progressive Insurance alleging that the company’s spooky tactics against their own clients went too far. Tonight, Anderson Cooper on CNN will look into the case.

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