Thursday, December 18, 2008

Being Thankful during this Holiday Season

Having been asked to write something on this Blogpost, I thought that you, the reader, would be interested to know a bit about 'why' those who write and contribute to this cause chose to do so:

First of all, this is a volunteer position, and I feel that is an important aspect for you, the reader, to realize. I say that because, at least in my life, I have only volunteered and/or seen those who have volunteered for worth-while and deserving organizations. Organizations dedicated to helping others...and this organization has the same mission: to help others, most notably, YOU, the consumer by upholding and protecting your legal rights.

I generally try to not speak for others, but, in this particular situation, I do feel quite confident that I can can say, with the greatest of sincerity, that every member of the Georgia Trial Lawyers Associations (GTLA) is devoted to protecting YOU. That's right, every man, woman and child's best interest is at the heart of every aspect of what members of this organization fight for on a daily basis.

Trial lawyers are the ones who have exposed Allstate Insurance company's, well...shall we say, less than honorable practices, which effect everyone who is placed in a position to have to deal with them. A book has been written that has addressed this and I hope you have an opportunity to explore this further ( In that same vein, the exposure of these types of "profit over people" posturing has lead to the state of Florida banning the allowance of Allstate Insurance selling new automobile insurance at the turn of 2008 until they complied with subpeonas that had been issued about how they had set their rates. ( This is just one isolated example, but these examples abound: from toxic chemicals used in toys to Drug Manufacturers seeking blanket immunity for hazards related to their drugs which they have failed to warn the consumer about, despite their knowledge of the repercusions (see Wyeth v. Levine, U.S. Supreme Court).

The examples of how trial lawyers are fighting for YOU surround us daily and I hope that when you have an opportunity that you will take notice of the battles that appear on a frequent basis and are being fought for YOU. If you ever want to hear about the plight of trial lawyers as they continually work to uphold and protect your legal rights I encourage you to look at and type in your town and call one of the attorneys and ask she, or he, about the fight that is going on for YOU.

So, as everyone hopefully enjoys a safe Holiday Season, I hope that YOU know that there are a group of people fighting for your rights on a daily basis, and I know that I am quite thankful to be involved in this noble cause.

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