Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Georgia's Medical Liability Environment: 4th; Access to Care: 44th (of 50)

The American College of Emergency Physicians this week released a state ranking of best and worst emergency rooms in the country. The “Medical Liability Environment” of each state makes up 20% of the rankings. Each state is ranked according to how their liability environment is (as well as several other factors), and ultimately each state gets an overall ranking.

The full rankings can be found here:

The American College of Emergency Physicians press release is here.

Georgia—while ranked 4th in medical liability environment (meaning caps) is ranked 44th in the nation for access to care and only 37th in the nation for quality of care and patient safety.

What does this mean? It means to some that Tort Reform does not protect patients. What it may mean is that the lack of accountability afforded to the ER with caps and the gross negligence standard that exists in this state may actually harm the patients of Georgia.

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