Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Holiday Season is here

I received my first holiday card over the Thanksgiving day weekend and thought how thankful I am for lawyers. After I opened the card, I checked my email and saw a blurb from my good friend and world renowned Trial Lawyer, Don Keenan. Aside from his exploits as a Trial Lawyer, Don sends out a yearly email noting the top 10 dangerous toys.
I can't speak for Don, but I presume that he would rather you did not give those toys to your children thereby running Mr. Keenan out of his business, too. You see, Don sues manufacturers and doctors that harm children.
Many of my trial lawyer friends do the same. Big business doesn't voluntarily do the right thing and remove dangerous toys and products from the shelves. So trial lawyers sue them, put the manufacturers under the spotlight, and force them to remove the hazardous products by hitting them in their pocket books; the only thing they cherish.
We have seen time and time again where government has failed to regulate big business, too. Yet trial lawyers never fail their cause- the promotion of safety.

That's why I am thankful for lawyers this holiday season.

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